HCL Sametime 10, MongoDB and Instant IMtegrity

HCL Sametime 10 introduced a new persistent chat logging feature, and along with it a new dependency on MongoDB.

This FAQ addresses various questions about this new feature, the new database and how it all relates to Instant IMtegrity.

Does the new persistent chat logging feature in HCL Sametime 10 make Instant IMtegrity’s chat logging feature obsolete?

No. They serve entirely different purposes. The new persistent chat logging feature in HCL Sametime 10 is designed to allow users to seamlessly continue chats across different devices and platforms and pick up where they left off; for example they can start a chat on a desktop computer and then continue that chat on their iPhone on the go while still seeing the chat history.

Instant IMtegrity is designed to archive and search chats for compliance reasons, provide notifications to compliance officers, complex rule based actions based on different triggers, disclaimer messages and ehtical firewalls. None of these features are provided out of the box with HCL Sametime 10.

What is the new MongoDB in HCL Sametime 10 used for?

The MongoDB database is used to transparently store chats so that they can be made available on different HCL Sametime clients, mostly to provide a seamless user experience when a chat starts on one device and then continues on another device. The MongoDB instance acts as a buffer to provide the chat to all involved HCL Sametime client devices.

Does the MongoDB database replace the Instant IMtegrity chat logging database?

No, it does not replace it. The MongoDB database is not meant to be searched, queried or used as an actual archive. It is designed to be used internally by the HCL Sametime 10 server as an ephemeral storage to provide end users with persistent chats only.

Is Instant IMtegrity 9 compatible with HCL Sametime 10?

Yes, but with limitations. HCL introduced configuration changes in the HCL Sametime 10 server, of which the current IMtegrity 9 installation code isn’t aware of, so if you were to install IMtegrity 9 on an HCL Sametime 10 server, the installation would initially succeed but chat logging would fail to start afterwards. We’re going to address this and a few other optimization speficially for HCL Sametime 10 with a new, matching version, Instant IMtegrity 10 for HCL Sametime 10.