How much space do I need to store all those chat logs?

This is a question we get asked fairly often. Administrators like to do capacity planning to make sure they got enough disk space to handle the size of the chat log databases, and also want to make sure that a single chat log database doesn’t grow too large to become unmanageable.

The answer to this question depends on the size of your organization and users, and the type of chats your users typically perform. Below we’ve provided a sample storage size estimate:

Instant IMtegrity sample storage size estimate

Description Size Details
Sample document sizes: 1 IBM Notes document per chat, without file attachments.
- Small: 4 KB 2 Users, 9 messages, 2 emoticons
- Medium: 8 KB 2 Users, 18 messages, 4 emoticons
- Large: 13 KB 2 Users, 31 messages, 7 emoticons
Average size per chat doc: 8.3 KB
Amount of chats per month: 500,000 chats
Database size per month: 3.9 GB
Database size per year: 47.6 GB Excludes database overhead such as view index sizes which vary on usage.


The above table assumes half a million chats per month, with each chat averaging around 8.3 KB in size, requiring ca. 3.9 GB of database storage per month, totaling ca. 47.6 GB per year.

47.6 GB per single database is well within the supported max. size of 64 GB per database.

Need different numbers?

For your convenience we’ve included a simple spreadsheet for you to quickly plug in your own numbers!

Download Spreadsheet


Did you know that Instant IMtegrity version 9.3 has a new feature which makes it very easy to automatically spread the storage of chat logs over different databases over time? Go take a look!


How can I limit the size of the chat log database?