Rule evaluation order

Overall rule evaluation order

Detailed rule evaluation order

All enabled rules are evaluated in the following order:

Pre chat (in real-time):

Step 1: Chat rules

During chat (in real-time):

Step 2: Disclaimer rules

Step 3: Content rules

Post chat (on schedule):

Step 4: Inclusion rules

Step 5: Exclusion rules

Step 6: Action rules

If you use the Stop Action Rules action, it is highly recommended that you set the “Rule sort order” field for all action rules to ensure a correct sort and execution order.

Certain action rules have no effect if the log file is not being imported.

  • For example, if a log file is excluded from import but matches an action rule with an action to “Tag” the chat, the tag will be lost, because the chat log will not be saved.
  • However, an action rule with an action to Send an Email Notification will still send the chat log as an email, even though it won’t be saved in the chat log database (and the email notification will include a comment indicating that the log is not saved).

Multi-part log files

Multi-part log files get generated for long-running chats if the commit interval is set to anything other than “Off” in server configuration documents.