Content rules overview

Content rules scan all instant messages sent between IBM Sametime users in real-time for pattern matches.

If a match is found, the message can be blocked from being sent to the other chat participant(s), and an optional message can be sent back to the sender. If a content rule matches, the message will be linked to the matching content rule document in the imported chat log document.

Content rules apply to:

Content rules require that the option Log IBM Sametime chats is enabled.

Use cases

Content rules can be used to detect and prevent text containing specific content from being sent amongst IBM Sametime users. For example, you can warn users in real-time to not chat about specific topics, and prevent texts containing credit card numbers or social security numbers from being sent around.

To match specific topics, you can provide plain text keywords to look for, or provide regular expressions to match very specific content.

Evaluation order

See Rule evaluation order.