Rule action "Include Directory Fields"

This action allows you to retrieve one or more additional fields from the person record in the IBM Domino Directory for each chat participant. If found, the field(s) will be copied into the chat log document as multi-value fields, with values for each user. The fields and their values will also be immediately available for other actions of the current and subsequent rules.

Use case

A use case would be to retrieve and include the employee ID, work location and manager for each user, for better discovery/archiving/searching later on.

Let’s assume a chat between Joe and Denise.
Joe’s employee ID is Joe123 and Denise’s employeeID is Denise456.
Joe’s location is Boston and Denise’s location is Atlanta.
Joe’s manager is John Taylor/IMtegrity, Denise currently has no manager assigned.

The IBM Domino Directory stores the employee ID, location and manager values in fields aptly named EmployeeID , Location and Manager .

When the rule gets executed, Instant IMtegrity will perform three directory lookups; one for each field. The more fields you list, the more lookups will be performed (regardless of the number of chat users).

For performance reasons, it is recommended to keep the number of fields to a minimum.

Instant IMtegrity will then create and save the new fields to the chat log document, with these names and values:

Field Name: Field Values: (Multi-value lists)
EmployeeID "Joe123"
Location "Boston"
Manager "CN=John Taylor/O=IMtegrity"

The first entry in each multi-value list matches the person who initiated the chat. In this example, Joe would have been the chat initiator.

Include these fields from the person record of each chat participant

Add one or more field names like EmployeeID and Location from the sample use case above.

You can not use wildcards for field names.

Field name prefix when saved

To avoid field name collisions, you can opt to save the retrieved field names with a custom prefix in the chat log document.

If you choose Domino_ as the prefix, the fields will be stored like this instead:

Field Name: Field Values: (Multi-value lists)
Domino_EmployeeID "Joe123"
Domino_Location "Boston"
Domino_Manager "CN=John Taylor/O=IMtegrity"

If you use a custom field prefix, make sure to also include the custom prefix when you refer to these fields from other actions (i.e. the “Copy fields from chat log to email” option in the Send Email Notification action).