Rule action "Run @Formula"

Specify @formula code to run on the current log document.
To check your @formula code for valid syntax, click the “Check Syntax” button.

You can use keyword expansion in your @formula code.


You can only use @formula code which can be executed on the IBM Domino server. @commands[] for IBM Notes Client UI operations for example cannot be executed on the server. Instant IMtegrity will raise a warning on the server console if the @formula code fails to execute properly but will continue processing the remainder of the action rule.

Use case

This action is useful to dynamically add or modify fields in a chat log document during import processing. For example, you can compute custom tags to categorize the chat log document by modifying the ‘Tags’ field, or set the ‘ExpireDate’ field to a custom date based on the value of other fields. You could also create new, additional fields and include those as custom X-header items for SMTP archiving via the Send Email Notification action.