Rule action "Encrypt Chat Content"

Specify one or more user names to encrypt the chat log documents for. By default, chat log documents are not encrypted and can be read by: - the chat participants (if they have at least Reader access in the datbase ACL). - the database administrator (if they give themselves the [ReadEverything] role in the ACL).


Once you start encrypting chat log documents, only these specified users will then be able to decrypt and read those encrypted chat log documents.

This field supports keyword expansion.

Use case

You could set up an action rule to match chats where one of the chat participants is a company executive (CEO, CTO, CFO, etc.), and encrypt those chat logs for one or more people in your Human Resources department for example. That way, all chats log documents from executives can only be read by your designated HR staff. Administrators, even if they have ACL access to the chat log database will NOT be able to read such encrypted chat log documents.