Upgrading from version 4 to version 9

Instant IMtegrity 9 must be installed on each IBM Sametime Community server. You must be logged into Microsoft Windows with an administrator account.

Make sure that all existing .xml log files from version 4 have been imported.
Version 9 will not import any log files from prior versions.

To upgrade from version 4 to version 9, you must first un-install version 4. This will only remove the Version 4 program code and help database, but will retain your existing chat log database imtchatlog4.nsf and configuration database imtconfig.nsf . Your existing configuration (chat log directory location, etc.) will also be retained.

1. Import remaining version 4 chat log files

Gracefully shut down the IBM Sametime Community Server (but leave the IBM Domino server running). To shut down the IBM Sametime community server, run this IBM Domino console command:

> tell staddin quit

Alternatively, stop the ST Community Launch Microsoft Windows service. This prevents users from starting new chats while you’re upgrading.

To import any remaining chat log files, run this IBM Domino console command:

> tell imtegrity import

Let the IMtegrity server task import all remaining chat log files.

Make sure that there are no remaining chat log files anymore:

2. Shut down the IBM Domino server

Run the following IBM Domino console command:

> quit

3. Un-install Instant IMtegrity 4

When prompted to reboot the system, it is safe to choose Later.
You only need to reboot the system after you finished the upgrade after step 5 below.

4. Install Instant IMtegrity 9

5. Reboot the server

It is required to reboot the system at this time.
IM chats will not be logged until the server has been rebooted.