Replicating the chat log database

When you install Instant IMtegrity 9, the installer creates the imtchatlog9.nsf database with a unique replica ID.

This means that if you install Instant IMtegrity on multiple servers, the imtchatlog9.nsf databases on those servers will not replicate by default.

If you prefer to have a common, replicated imtchatlog9.nsf between all IBM Domino servers, you can use the Instant IMtegrity configuration tool to set each imtchatlog9.nsf database automatically to a common, domain-wide replica ID to enable replication.

To set a domain-wide replica ID

imtconfig.exe /SetLogDomainReplicaID

You need to perform the above steps on all servers you want to include in the replication of imtchatlog9.nsf.

The Instant IMtegrity configuration database imtconfig.nsf will automatically replicate on all servers in the same domain. You do not need to manually set a domain-wide replica ID; the installer does this by default.