Required fixes for IBM Sametime

If you are running IBM Sametime Community server version without additional fixes, you might experience IBM Domino server crashes either when restarting IBM Sametime services or during IBM Domino server shutdown.

The root cause of these crashes is IBM Sametime SPR ARIY8L2JMQ:
“Chat Logging Black box init/term done from different threads for StChatLogging and StFileTransfer.”

Instant IMtegrity is directly affected by this bug, so it is important to apply any one of these available fix-packs:

For CF2, search for:

852IFR_NNUM-9A5DHD_20130406_win in
Cumulative Fix 2 for IBM Sametime Community Server 8.5.2

For CF3, search for:

Cumulative Fix 3 for IBM Sametime Community Server 8.5.2

Fix-packs can be downloaded at IBM Fix Central.