Commit interval

Instant IMtegrity supports periodic logging of long-running, on-going IM chats and flushes them to disk every so often via a configurable commit interval.

This option is disabled by default.

You should only enable this feature if you:


The commit interval feature primarily exists for persistent chat rooms such as Instant Team Sessions, where chats are open-ended, go on for a very long time and never really end. In such an environment, a chat would not get imported and be “visible” in the chat log database until it officially concluded.

With this option enabled, chats gets periodically flushed to disk as partial log files and gradually imported/appended to the chat log document in the chat log database. You can configure how often long-running chats should be periodically flushed to disk so that they appear sooner in the Instant IMtegrity chat log database.

This feature is only supported for XML log files.