The Instant IMtegrity server task

Instant IMtegrity features a custom IBM Domino server add-in task which periodically:

The installer automatically adds the Instant IMtegrity server task to the servertasks= line in your server’s notes.ini file.

To configure and interact with the server task you send it tell commands via the IBM Domino server console.

Adjusting the log import interval

To check the current interval, use the tell imtegrity interval command:

> tell imtegrity interval

IMtegrity: Import interval is currently set to 60 seconds

You can also check the current interval with the show tasks command:

> show tasks

Sametime Server    Running
Instant IMtegrity  Idle, importing every 60 seconds

To change the import interval (for example, to 2 minutes = 120 seconds):

> tell imtegrity INTERVAL 120

This changes the import interval to 120 seconds. The change persists across server restarts.

It is not recommended to set the import interval to less than 5 seconds due to the load/overhead placed on the IBM Domino server.

Available server task command line options

The server task supports a variety of tell commands to configure it at run-time:

> tell imtegrity HELP        lists the available command line options
> tell imtegrity VERSION     shows the current product version and build date
> tell imtegrity CONFIG      shows the current configuration
> tell imtegrity INTERVAL    shows the current import interval
> tell imtegrity INTERVAL n  sets the import interval to "n" seconds
> tell imtegrity PAUSE       temporarily pauses the importer
> tell imtegrity RESUME      resumes previously paused imports
> tell imtegrity IMPORT      performs a one-time manual import
> tell imtegrity REFRESH     performs a one-time configuration refresh
> tell imtegrity RESET       resets the Instant IMtegrity runtime stats

The pause, resume and import commands are mostly useful for troubleshooting purposes and when working with Instant Technologies customer support.